Shelley Zentner

“It is my intention to make art that serves as a ray of light in dark times”

Shelley Zentner’s constantly evolving style is deeply rooted in the Welsh art tradition – dark, dramatic and filled with poetry. Expertly rendered in charcoal and oils, her work can be described as narrative impressionist realism.

Born in Wales, Shelley began figure drawing at age 11, staged her first exhibition as a professional artist at 20, and became a gallery owner at 25.

After a career hiatus involving burnout, travel, falling in love, becoming a mother, teaching art, and surviving cancer, Shelley has resumed her full-time artist status.

Studying art with the force of nature Peter Prendergast in the ’90s, Shelley discovered that her family’s strong work ethic also applied to art. Prendergast’s shouted mantra to his students was to KEEP LOOKING! That advice stuck.

Whether painting landscapes, victims of war or psychologically challenging portraits, Shelley’s willingness to confront the complicated truth of existence with a sense of hope is the hallmark of her work.Shelley works and lives with her family in Lake Tahoe, California.

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Anthony Cupaiuolo

Anthony traded a career as a political consultant for his passion — snowboarding — and founded First Tracks Productions in 2001, the same year he moved from San Francisco to South Lake Tahoe. Through 2009, First Tracks focused on snowboarding videos, releasing full-length movies for DVD and network television.

Today that work has become First Tracks’ focus. With more than 15 years of filming experience, Anthony can assemble a team that fits your needs and budget, whether you’re looking to hire one person for an afternoon or a full-scale production crew for a week.

Anthony is passionate about the outdoors and the environment and concerned about ensuring that all people have access to nature and nutritious food. 

Robert Smith

Robert is a retired tech executive with a PhD in applied physics. An avid reader, he now devotes his energy to studying agricultural practices, the food industry, and nutrition; and supporting the local music scene www.TahoeMusic.Live. On his rooftop garden he raises chickens, bees and vegetables .